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    Do you want a textured exterior wall or a smoother one? Whatever it be, the acrylic rendering Sydney services are the best choice for it. Acrylic render is basically the custom-made cement based renders that offers decorative, weather resistance, render finishes to the ceiling, exterior as well as the interior wall of your building. It is water-resistant and durable that makes it appropriate for a wide variety of applications on a range of surfaces like cement blocks, AFS Hebel, Brick, Polystiring, Dincel or Ready Walls. If you are looking for acrylic rendering Sydney service providers, the Acrylic Expert is one of the most trusted names for the exterior wall in Sydney. You can completely depend on Acrylic Expert as it is going strong since last 16 years and are specialized in commercial building work.

    The range of services that we offer

    • Acrylic Render on Dincell Walls
    • Acrylic Render on AFS Walls
    • Acrylic Render on Hebel Walls
    • Acrylic Render on Polystyrene Walls
    • Acrylic Render on Brick Walls
    • Acrylic Render on Concrete Walls
    • Acrylic Render on Blue Board Walls
    • White Setting
    • Concrete Setting
    • Concrete Patching
    • Sand and Cement Rendering
    • Wall Fixing
    • Silk Plastering
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