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Dan the Sparky Man


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    About Us

    With our professional team of Gold Coast electricians nothing’s a problem!

    For people living on or near the Gold Coast, your home is your sanctuary. And with more of us working and spending time at home, who doesn’t want to spend a little time and money to make your life as comfortable as possible?

    Our Gold Coast-based team of skilled tradespeople focus on new home construction, renovations and commercial projects.

    About Us

    Starting out as just one man in a van, Dan Carpenter has built his business to be one of the most successful and reliable electrical businesses on the Gold Coast.

    Here’s the ‘Dan story’ in a nutshell.

    Dan completed his apprenticeship in Adelaide and became a professional electrician by the age of 20.

    In the great Aussie tradition, he took a ‘gap’ year, cruising the Whitsundays and doing work for a Charterboat Company.

    Dan quickly made the decision that he liked being his own boss. So, he started his own show at the age of 22.

    In 2006, Dan transferred to the Gold Coast and set up shop. Starting from scratch with zero clients or contacts, he pounded the pavement doing letterbox drops and checking out real estate agents, lighting stores and local businesses to drum up some work.

    Between 2007 and 2011 Dan slowly grew his team to meet the need for the local building and booming solar industry.

    Won the local Gold Coast Small Business Award for Trades and Services and was a finalist for the GC Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.

    In 2013, Dan had the honour of working in Vietnam after a client asked him to project manage a major electrical refurbishment of his factory. He led a team of 20 local electricians to bring the factory’s wiring up to Australian Standards. (And when you don’t speak Vietnamese, this was quite the job!)

    After an intensive review process, Dan qualified as an Accredited Master Electrician in 2013.

    In the past 7 years, Dan and his wife Kelly have worked tirelessly to grow the business – training, upskilling and developing the team – and building a reputation as the best in the business! (While at the same time, raising a growing family of three)

    Dan was given some wise advice by the owner of one of the Lighting Stores when he first moved to the Gold Coast. He said…
    “Mate, all you’ve got to do to survive here on the Gold Coast is to show up when you say you are going to and do a good job – that’s it – because no-one else is doing it”

    Dan took that advice. It’s what he focused on back then, and it’s how his whole team still works today.

    Show Up & Do an amazing job & Clean-up

    Thanks to these basic principles (plus Dan’s near superhuman work ethic), the business has expanded from that single van to a team of 12.

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