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DustBubbles - Disposable Dust Collectors


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    DustBubbles are disposable dust collectors for DIY or industrial drills. They use a combination of adhesion to the wall and the action of the drill itself to catch virtually all the dust when you drill. They make drilling jobs easier – leaving both hands free while you drill and quicker by saving you the trouble of clearing up afterwards. When you’ve finished drilling, you simply remove the DustBubble from the wall and discard it along with all the dust.

    Industrial specification DustBubbles look like the cost effective trade and DIY Dustbubbles, but the new engineering grade material is tough and heat resistant enough to capture hot metal swarf.

    The Contamination Control DustBubble kit is a recognised health and safety tool and was developed specifically to provide cost effective contamination free drilling during building maintenance work.The kit contains 50 strong and heat resistant industrial DustBubbles, gel wetting agent, secondary bags, pads for rough wall applications, an approved asbestos waste bag and a full procedure. The industrial DustBubbles are available separately in packs of 10, 100 and 500.

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