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    People are often apprehensive about connecting with a private investigator as they are unsure how the process works. But, we are here to help you and ensure your peace of mind. Omega Investigations is a leading private investigating agency specialising in surveillance services, commercial skip-tracing, bug sweeping services, commercial debt collection, insurance investigations, background check, digital forensics, domestic investigations, cheating partners’ investigations, finding a missing person, and family law investigation services.

    Importance of Confidentiality and Communication in Our Business

    Confidentiality is first and primary in any project we take up. Our investigation procedures assure the client’s complete confidentiality in their cases, and we ensure your details remain secured and protected. If confidentiality is the basis of any investigation, then communication is the vital spark. We deal with something that we don’t know in the investigations, so a careful and clear communication becomes vital to solve a case successfully.

    We take a good time to know more about our client’s goals and focus on the information we have to work with to take advantage of our possibilities of successfully supporting you to solve your complications at a fair price. We carefully plan out the investigation to make it an efficient one by communicating with you at the beginning.

    Why us?

    We are bonded, fully licensed, and insured investigators with a repute of professionalism and excellence among other clients across the region. You can put your mind at ease when you entrust your case to us. Whether you need us to verify your spousal happenings or determine the whereabouts of a person or perform a careful inspection and scene canvas, you can completely rely on Omega Investigations to get the job done.

    As a private detective agency Omega Investigations is dedicated to offer the highest level of service and set the highest standards in the investigation industry.

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