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Pisa Concrete Polishing


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    Pisa Concrete Polishing knows great ways for grinding and polishing old and new concrete floors. It is not only a method for protecting concrete floors – but a process for.

    Concrete polished floors are:
    – decorative – durable
    – customisable – economical and
    – low in maintenance – popular in flooring market.

    Turning a concrete floor into a highly abrasion resistant, smooth and visually appealing surface.

    We cover a range of indoor and outdoor Concrete Polishing services for Commercial, Retails and Residential.
    Concrete Services Type of Applications

    • Concrete toppings
    • Stencil
    • Stamp
    • Exposed
    • Shat Blasting
    • Concrete Hardening
    • Concrete Cleaning
      – All natural stone
      – Terrazzo
    • Warehouses
    • Schools
    • Retail Outlets
    • Lounge
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Drive Way
    • Retaining Walls
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