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    Richmond Waste are a waste management company located in Lismore, northern NSW. We service Lismore, Ballina, Byron and northern NSW with services stretching from Evans Head to Casino and Kyogle.

    Richmond Waste is a waste management company that has been proudly 100% locally owned and operated since 1980. The company is a partnership between Solo Resource Recovery and the Richards Group, which has been in operation since 1932. Richmond Waste provides a variety of waste and resource recovery services to industry, commerce, and residents throughout NSW’s Northern Rivers region. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality service that is responsive to its customers’ and the community’s needs. Richmond Waste employs a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals committed to providing excellent service. The company is dedicated to environmental sustainability and minimising its environmental impact.

    Richmond Waste is dedicated to providing a high-quality service that balances environmental, customer, and community needs by making continuous progress in waste reduction, resource conservation, and pollution prevention. We’ve all had that feeling when we finally get around to cleaning up our rooms and getting rid of all the clutter. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? But what if we could take that feeling a step further and actually help the environment? Richmond Waste can help with that.

    But why should you be concerned? For one thing, it’s simply better for the environment. But, more importantly, reducing your environmental impact can actually save you money! By collaborating with Richmond Waste to reduce your waste output, you can save money on disposal fees, energy consumption, recovery, and disposal processes, and the development of innovative technology.

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