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Vinstar LED Lighting - Slash Your Electricity Bills


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    Do you wish your home and business to upgrade to energy-saving LED lighting and save across several energy bills? Turn to Vinstar LED lighting solution, a division of K.K Australia Pty Ltd for a range of LED products in Australia. We are committed to offering the best in terms of design originality and quality across our entire range of products. Our in-house engineers’ tests the effective LED lights that are highly compliant with Australian standards. We offer Regulatory Compliance Marks in all our products with 3 years of comprehensive warranties.

    Why should you opt for Vinstar LED range?

    • Our LED range produces optimum brightness with low power consumption and saves up to 70-90%
    • Our range includes compact bulbs and stylish candle bulbs to suit chandeliers, table lamps, oyster lights, and enclosed fittings through to industrial and ceiling lights for commercial applications
    • Incorporated with the latest technology that helps the LED lights to last 10-15 times longer than compact globes
    • Durable and vibration and shock resistant
    • Reduces cooling cost as it produces less heat than any conventional lights
    • LED lights do not emit UV radiation
    • Save 70% on your lighting cost with Vinstar LED lighting

    Why us?

    We provide the highest quality products to suit the individual needs of our customers. By applying our knowledge, understanding, and expertise, we help our clients to reduce their costs and become more competitive in their markets. Our range of extensive LED products is backed by stringent quality testing. This results in industry-leading products. Our LED lighting range is the most flexible and adaptable lighting products, well-suited for a range of commercial and residential applications.

    It can be very tough to keep searching for the right LED provider in the increasingly saturated market of LED suppliers offering their products of varying quality. The best thing to do is to find an experienced indoor and outdoor lighting provider with the right knowledge and trusted range of products. At Vinstar, we have a vast experience in delivering LED lighting solutions to various projects both residential and commercial and have a team of educated lighting designers to offer the best in terms of design as well.

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