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Enjoy Traveling with a Bus Hire

As if traveling itself isn’t enough, you’re usually burdened and hassled by the wrong kind of transport. A lot of the regular buses are cramped and small, with sometimes poor ventilation so you end up sweaty and smelly even after an hour’s ride. Meanwhile, if you have more money to spare, you go for special air-conditioned buses that the only advantage is it’s climate controlled.

sydney-coach-charterBus for Hire Sydney had seen all these and come up with the most ideal solution: a coach charter and bus hire.

A coach carter offers a wide range of benefits, whether you’re a first-time or a veteran traveler. It sits from 13 to a bit more than 53 people including the driver. This makes it a great choice when you’re traveling with a large group for a conference, a tour, or a teambuilding activity. Speaking of tours, the bus hire may be arranged for purely sightseeing. The company has several professional tour guides who can show you around town.

A well-trained, knowledgeable, and courteous captain heads the coach charter. He has two missions in mind: your comfort and safety. We have installed the latest advanced navigation technologies that speed up the transport time by finding the best traffic routes at any given time. We also make use of fleet tracking software to monitor the movements of every coach and control the speed of the vehicle. We have cushioned reclining seats, tinted glass windows for complete privacy, a wide center aisle, and sufficient leg room in every chair.

Traveling can sometimes be boring. To ensure you will have a great time even when in transit, our bus hire include CD and DVD players, colored television, and AM/FM radio.

Lease a coach charter today for special occasions, tours, airport transfers, parties, and corporate functions. Call us at 1300 969 704 or 979 2204. You may also fill out the Contact form.

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