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Candy Buffet Tips for Your Next Party

For more than 60 years, Walkers Hire has been helping people in and around Sydney organize flawless, hassle free parties and special events. If you are organizing a kids’ party, nothing will make it sweeter than a candy buffet. Children will feel like they’ve just stepped into a candy store. Spoil them for an evening and allow them to indulge in a wide range of sweet treats. It will definitely keep the kids excited and happy.

Hiring a candy buffet from a party hire company

The easiest way to put together a candy buffet for a kids’ party is simply by contacting a party hire company. Provide a good estimate of the number of children attending the event and you can also discuss the kind of sweet treats you would prefer to have on the menu. The party hire company can then take care of all the other details and provide you a good selection of treats in a beautifully put together cart or containers.

Tips to consider for your candy buffet

  • Ask parents about allergies that their children may have. Avoid all the common allergens so you don’t have to worry about medical issues.
  • Ensure that the candy is age appropriate and that there are no choking hazards.
  • Ensure there’s enough candy for all the kids.
  • Ensure that the candy buffet is placed at a location and at a height where children will be able to reach easily. Monitor them and help them when required.
  • When possible keep the containers closed to ensure that they are covered from dust and dirt.

To really make your candy buffet stand out, you can also create an entire theme around it. Select treats that match the favorite movie or animated characters of your child or simply color coordinate the party with the candy treats.

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