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The different inflatable Jumping Castles you can acquire from a party hire company

Taking on party hire Sydney services for the acquisition of inflatable toys and equipment for children provides an amazingly fun way for children to play in a group. However, every single inflatable tends to come with its very own benefits and risks, so you need to weigh them out carefully before deciding which ones you wish to opt for. Here are a bit of details regarding the different options you have in terms of inflatables such as jumping castles hire Sydney:

Bouncy Castles

jumping castle hire sydneyBouncy castles or jumping castles are typically the most popular inflatables amidst children and adults alike. These are commonly available in a plethora of shapes and sizes and can be acquired for individual or group use. If there are just a few kids, then opting for a small jumping castle is best for you. However, if there are several children, then you could discuss the size of your bouncy castle with your chosen party hire Sydney company.


Inflatable gyms are the perfect means of giving children the ability to joust, wrestle or just indulge in several different exercises. These come with harnesses that upon being pulled by the kids, pulls them back towards the gym’s wall. There are large ball pits in these as well, so with an inflatable gym, you can rest-assured that your children will stay busy for hours and hours to come. Young children are rather prone to getting hurt when playing in an inflatable gym and these are best used by older children.


Yet another famous inflatable toy for children are slides. These are available in multiple shapes and sizes. You can acquire those that can be used by one child at a time, or those that have more lanes for several children. However, there is a bit of a safety risk involved with the utilization of slides as children may fall down and hurt themselves.

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