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Got a stainless steel commercial rangehood Sydney? Here’s how you need to clean it!

If you have a stainless steel commercial rangehood Sydney, then you need to pay utmost commercial rangehoodattention to its cleaning for commercial ventilation hoods Sydney have the tendency to accumulate grease. Here’s how you need to go about cleaning it:

Step # 1:
Turn off the blower fan and light of your rangehood.

Step # 2:
Unsnap the latches from each side of the pa, and remove the grease pan from your rangehood. In order to remove it, just slide the grease pan towards yourself. But make sure that you do so while wearing latex gloves or you will have grease all over your hands. You must also remove the plastic light cover if it has latches.

Step # 3:
Fill up warm soapy water in your kitchen sink, and place the grease pan of your commercial rangehood Sydney into it. Let it soak there till the time that you are finished with cleaning the rangehood.

Step # 4:
Take 1 tbsp. of dishwashing soap and apply it to a non-abrasive cloth. Now wet it with warm water, and start wiping out the plastic light cover, along with the outside of the blower fan housing with it. If there are stubborn stains, just scrub them with a little pressure.

Step # 5:
Rinse the non-abrasive cloth, and use it to rinse the outside of the blower fan housing and plastic light cover.

Step # 6:
Reinstall the entire setup of your commercial ventilation hoods Sydney.

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