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How to hang flowers in my marquee hire Sydney?

When you plan on decorating your wedding marquee hire Sydney, there are quite a few marqueetechniques that you can take up so as to glorify your reception venue. One means of doing so is that of hanging flowers from the beams of the marquee. Other ideas are inclusive of hanging flower-adorned birdcages, garlands, parasols and pomanders. The party hire Sydney firm that you hire will be in a better position to advice you in this regard. Once done, here’s how you need to go about the entire process:

1. Drilling and filling
To begin with, drill a small hole into the handles of a few lace parasols in your marquee hire Sydney. Now through the hole, thread a 22-gauge wire and twist it. Now fill in the parasols with light-weighted hanging flowers. For stiff flowers like roses, you would need to wire them to the handle of the parasol prior to hanging it.

2. Draping
Now, you need to drape around garland strange all over the upper rungs of your marquee. The best thing to do in this regard is to start off with plain greenery. Upon doing so, use floral wire to be able to attach the flowers that you are interested in. Now, in order to appear more enticing to your guests, wire a hanging basket of flowers right over the head table.

3. Consider your wedding bouquet and pick out a few vintage birdcages that match it. Fill these with flowers and slip in a 22-gauge wire through its top ring. Twist it against the upper support beam of your marquee hire Sydney.

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