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How to pick a successful related text

A student’s choice of a related text for the ‘discovery’ module is one of extreme importance. A well chosen and in depth choice of related text will allow for students to create an overall more in depth essay. This exploration of finding a related text first must take place through a student considering what core ideas or representations of discovery are being explored. This will occurs clearly if a student accurately explores their related text. These core ideals form the basis for which students can choose their related text on.

Thus, students at Master Coaching will be able to accurately and wholeheartedly explore their chosen related material. This ability to delve into the true nature of the text will stem from a student partaking in the personalised tutoring sessions that Master Coaching provides. These lessons will occur for students to be active participants in the learning experience. For example if students are exploring self discovery in there prescribed text as students should attempt to link this to a related text which explores comparative ideals. Further, students can explore juxtaposing views of discovery to this contradict with a question being asked.

The ability for students to pick a related text can be problematic in a sense but this process can be made easier through the private tuition Master Coaching provides. Thus students will be set on the right path of how to pick an excellent and comprehensive related text. Further, students who attain private tuition will be able to analyse the text in depth and therefore gain a sense of understanding on the text.

Students when picking a text should always consider that when picking a text it should link perfectly to the prescribed material. This includes students picking texts in which are valid and at a currently acceptable level of literature. The process of picking a text must form it’s basis on a consideration on the true nature and intended purpose of the text. This usually formulates in such a sense of the text that it interacts with purely human relationships rather then one in which would related to animal relationships. Thus, this gives students the ability to challenge these innately human concepts of discovery in each text.

A further rule that must be considered is one that the text chosen must be one that is multi modal and diverse.

This ability to pick a multi modal text can be considered to be the factor that the mode of the prescribed text can not be in the same form as the related material. This in summary assumes that the student will be able to pick a text that is diverse as well as one that is diverse with discovery concepts. For example students who are studying a playwright as a prescribed text should consider studying such things as a poem or narrative as a related text.

Therefore at Master Coaching students will be guided and shown the way in which to choose a related text as well as also shown how to analyse the chosen text. Thus students as soon as they pick or are guided to the related text will have a place in which to explore and analyse the text. This relates to the fact that students will gain a different opinion on the text and further their own analysis in a conducive learning environment.

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