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What you should know about the different types of marquees available at marquee hire Sydney services

Although parties are a whole lot of fun, their organization definitely doesn’t come easy with the sheer amounts of choices that are available these days. Let’s consider something as small as balloons. It seems to be a fairly small and easy decision, but trust me, it isn’t. You need to choose amidst round balloons, balloons of varying shapes, sizes and colours etc. Oh, and let’s not forget that you can choose between glitter, gloss, semi-gloss and matte balloons as well. So, all in all, if a simple decision about balloons can confuse you to this level, what do you think marquees would do?

Marquees, to tell you the truth, have the potential to give just about any space a completely new dimension. When you get in touch with a marquee hire Sydney company, you would learn that these are available in a wide variety. If truth be told, just about any party hire Sydney firm that you get in touch with will ask you to choose from amongst many varying colours and sizes, all of which are meant to suit different events.  Here’s a bit of information about the different types of marquees that you can acquire:

1. Framed marquees
Such a marquee hire Sydney doesn’t have poles running down the center, for these an aluminum skeleton is used to offer support to these on the sides. These offer extensive space, and are very durable too.

2. High peak marquees
Any party hire Sydney company will tell you that these are the perfect pick for weddings, as they have poles running down the center that can be used for floral decoration purposes.

3. Canopy style marquees
These are open style marquees that are open on the sides, but have a roof on the top. These are best for wine tastings and summer parties.

For the best party hire Sydney and marquee hire Sydney services around, make sure that you get in touch with renowned service providers like Bargain Party Hire!

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