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Laminate flooring and bamboo flooring- A prudent and everlasting purchase!

Did you know that flooring, often the most neglected area, has the amazing ability to make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your homely abode? It works on the ambiance of the place you’d find the most comfort in. There are, as a matter of fact, an endless variety of flooring styles to choose from so much so that instead of narrowing on the best ones that appeal to you, you end up in a bigger dilemma. It’s not that tricky, seriously!

All you have to do is follow a few rules and decide on your personal taste, which will help you come to a definite conclusion. If your house is located in a high humidity area, then a material that is hydrophobic should be selected. Similarly, if you wish to follow a modern theme, choose either of the following two- Laminated flooring or bamboo flooring, both represent charm and are in short, clear winners in looks, strength, maintenance and safety.

Laminate flooring– Winning hearts, instantly!

A fast growing option, this high tech, machine made flooring is created by combining together several layers of materials with the core, which takes the entire load on itself, almost always made of highly dense fiberboard. Now that we have given the ground information, let’s discuss the possible reasons for its ever increasing popularity. Laminate flooring is the best available option for flooring as they fulfill two requisites- This type possesses the exquisite look of a hardwood floor minus the need for constant and demanding maintenance and gives your room a new lease of life making it look nothing less than a five star hotel- “Grand” to put it in one word. Further upsides include its being virtually resistant towards scratches, burns or chipping is budget friendly and installing a laminate floor is something you can take care of single-handed. This brings us to

Bamboo Flooring: Stay close to nature

What exactly is Bamboo? Bamboo is the closest you can ever get to Mother Nature. Indeed. You will be surprised to know the rate at which bamboo plant grows (3-5) years unlike hardwood trees that takes ages (30-40 years) to be mature enough for usage. With rapidly declining green cover all over the globe, Bamboo is the best substitute material.

Why invest in Bamboo Flooring? Is what you must be thinking of next? We’ll tell you why it will be so difficult for you to overlook a bamboo floor in your home.

The look and feel- It is known as ‘natural beauty’ owing to its looks and incredible texture.

Low maintenance– Usual sweeping, mopping or use of vacuum is more than sufficient to maintain its luster as dirt never clings onto this surface, like Laminate flooring.

Bamboo flooring not only renders a stylish look but also gives the room a larger and lighter look. Unbelievable low price and long span are just few of the benefits of bamboo flooring.

Visit Powerfloors and see two flooring styles and make a decision yourself today!

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