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Few ideas for marquee Decoration in Sydney

Weddings, for most, turn out to be much of a fantasy dream that has come true. But this dream really cannot come true unless there are adequate decorations for which you would obviously need to acquire a marquee hire Sydney service. The honest truth is that the marquee that you hire from a party hire Sydney firm needs to be decorated as well. Although these are extremely beautiful on their own, adding up decorations can easily add a bit of flare to them.

Given below are a few ideas that you can use to decorate your marquee:

  1. Go Bollywood!

This decoration style is a major hit with young couples who have lots of teen guests coming in for the ceremony. It will allow you to take the energy to a whole new level with Bollywood background music running across a tent that has literally been transformed with vivid hangings and silk. You can easily drape silky fabrics and saris in vivid colors around your marquee hire Sydney. You may also suspend fancy pendant lamp (fabric based) right through the centre of the ceiling, and ring the entire place with red, blue and red, or even patio lights. Use a thick oriental carpet, and rug pad and hot purple, sapphire, and gold pillows for seating purposes.

  1. The canvas just can’t go wrong

The best part about tented wedding receptions is that these allow you to have an expansive guest list without having to worry about space, or even life’s little storms. To get started with your canvas based decorations, add in a center floor to allow your guests to dance. Opulent, multiple glittering chandeliers that are hung using shirred velvet sleeves covered chains are a great pick, but make sure that their colors match the overall wedding theme that you have chosen.

There are plenty of other decoration styles that you can use, and if you wish to get professional help for them, don’t forget to check out Bargain Party hire!

What are the basics involved in a table and chair hire agreement?

It is rather common for party rental stores, and banquet facilities to have a table and chair hire agreement in place. To them, it is a necessary document that is supposedly required to run a successful business. On the whole, this particular agreement is meant to present a legally binding contract between the business, and the customer.

On part of the customer

In a table hire or chair rental agreement, it is necessary for the name of the customer, his/her address, telephone and the date and time period of the requested rental period to be listed. This particular document needs to be signed and dated by the customer for acceptance purposes. Without the signature, the agreement will not be in place.

In terms of items that are to be rented

The next thing that needs to be mentioned in a chair hire agreement is that of the quality as well as the description of chairs and chair covers that are being rented by the customer. In the description, the color, together with the style of chairs, tables, and covers needs to be mentioned.

Rental charges

In the rental agreement, it is also vital for the per day rental fee for each chair, table, chair cover, and table cover to be listed. The total cost for the items based on the rental period should also be a part of the agreement. For record purposes, you must also list replacement fees for damaged, lost or stolen chairs, tables and covers.

For more details on table and chair hire services, feel free to get in touch with Bargain Party Hire now!

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