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Toilet Seat Covers, a Better Alternative to Tissues in Public Toilets

Not many people are aware of the health risks associated with using public toilets. Since these toilets are usually used by thousands each day, hygiene is a big problem. Maxcare’s toilet seat covers are designed to eliminate these risks and provide you a clean, germ-free way of using the public toilets.

Toilet Tissues are Not Effective

Toilet-Seat-Covers-2packsMost public toilets have toilet tissues and it is a common practice for people to use these tissues for wiping the seats clean or to lay them on the seat before sitting on it. However, this method is quite ineffective since it not just takes a lot of time and effort but it also leaves behind a mess, wastes a lot of paper and will not provide you the protection you need from germs.

Toilet Seat Covers Provide an Ideal Solution

Toilet seat covers offer the ideal solution. It provides you an effective hygiene barrier and can be easily flushed after use. As an industry leader, Maxcare has been providing high quality toilet seat covers to business offices, restaurants, government offices and to the general public since 2001. They protect you from harmful germs as well as diseases in public toilets as well as at home. Most people would think that they need to use toilet seat covers only in public toilets. However, even the toilets at home harbor a lot of germs. Even when cleaned on a regular basis, they may have a lot of bacteria and germs that we may not be aware of.

If you have children at home, protect them from sickness and germs by using high quality, effective and reliable toilet seat covers. Using them since an early age is an excellent habit to form and is very inexpensive.

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