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Toilet seat covers and potty training

Toilet Seat Covers – Hygiene Rules While Using a Public Toilet by ozwdsau

You are a good mum and you care so much about your child, you are about to started you “No More Nappies” Challenge? Well done.

Toilet seat covers for Potty Training

I am sure you would keep your toilet at home as clean as possible, you might clean it before your child sit on it, as we all know what is on the toilet seat. Can you keep it to the same standard when you and children are away from home and have to use public toilet? That is probably where the challenges starts.

Well, we have a solution for you and it only costs 5 cents everything you use the toilet. Sounds interesting? Head over to MaxCare and check out the rang of disposable toilet seat covers that is available to keep your children safe and help make your potty training easier.

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