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Australian Natural Washable Sheepskin Products

Sheepskin is quite simply one of Mother Nature’s perfect creation and the Australian natural washable sheepskin products are a unique combination of natural fibers on one side and sheep’s leather skin and wool fur on the other side. The 100% sheepskin is stronger than steel, the wool does not shed as it is attached to the skin and is embedded into the leather. It is highly resistant to snags, tears, wrinkle, soiling and spilling. Owing to its leather / wool combination, it never sags and always retains its shape. It is flame resistant, wind proof and retains heat even when wet. It acts as a natural moisturizer due to the high lanolin content in the wool. It is also water resistant and washable.

They are available at the leading Australian outlets example being Gerry’s Sheepskins. This specialized  Sydney based company is in operation since 1980 and is Australian owned. The organization utilizes the superlative quality A1 ranked Australian sheepskins. They manufacture Ugg Boots, car seat cover and many other similar items some of which are customized and specially designed. The Australian sheepskin products are long lasting, comfortable, fashionable as well as luxurious. The high demand endorses their quality, pricing and service.

The footwear ranges are all manufactured in-house using the best quality Australian “Double-Face footwear skins”. They have reinforced and strengthened heels, EVB ribbed soles and boots with full length rear seam. These are available in various styles and shades. The Australian made sheepskin Ugg boots are of 100% sheepskin having proper sole with tread, toe and heel reinforcement.  Some of the Australian made center-line lace boots are priced at USD $140 and above.

The children’s footwear is meant for infant care.  They help to keep the feet warm and are usually not meant for walking. This type of footwear is made out of baby sheepskin in 16 mm wool pile. They have soft sole and are available mainly in pink and blue shades. Such footwear also makes excellent gift items. Car seat covers are made of 100% A1 quality 25 mm deep pile and are available in five colors and three specific styles. The sheepskins are comfortable in all climates and provide the vehicles with a spanking new appearance. The car seat covers keeps one cool on hot days and warm during chilly weather. These covers normally fit most standard automobile and come with or without side air bags. They are known to be highly durable.

The “throw over” sheepskin seat covers constitute of sheepskin on the back rest and head rest of the seat. All the covers are lined to protect the original seats. The medical sheepskin are specially treated for hygienic purposes and used in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and on wheelchair covers. Such covers provide comfort and relief to the aged, sick and bedridden patients especially those suffering from bed and pressure sores. These products are easily washable and can be maintained even under high temperature. They are ideal for those spending long periods in bed

or on wheelchairs  as these products reduce pressure and absorbs moisture. The soft comfortable and durable medical sheepskin comes in natural yellow shades.

Australian wool is extensively used in wool mats and wool blankets. The shorter woolen fibers stand up from the surface and give the fabric a hairy touch. This natural fiber is bio degradable, flame resistant and absorbs water. The worsted woolen fabric surface is smooth to touch and is ideal for making baby rugs. The short wool sheepskin is also suitable for infant play mats, under lays and floor mats.

The infant care short wool sheepskins provide a cushion of high density soft and springy fibers that enable weight to be distributed over a large area while still allowing air to circulate through out the fibers. The Australian sheepskin products for infants have the ability to absorb up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp. These products are available in various shades and are superb for the babies to rest and play. Soft and highly comfortable, they roll up and make traveling enjoyable.

The baby rugs and sheepskin rugs are machine washable. They keep baby skin dry, absorbs perspiration, controls temperature and humidity so that the baby skin remains warm in winter and cool in summer. The baby rugs are made of Australian lamb’s wool and chrome tanned. It lasts for over 20 years under appropriate care and maintenance. The rugs are of the finest quality being between 2 inches to 3 feet in thickness. They are washable and available in white shades only. Extra large rugs are also available in selected colors in red, black, ivory and brown.  These soft snugly Australian sheepskin rugs make infants sleep deeply and soundly.

The sheepskin mats, too, are designed to suit all applications. They can be washed and are available in attractive colors. These products are made of short wool Australian sheepskins and are extremely popular and are best value for money. The cot under lays for toddlers and the pram liner can be used on the floor as play mats for toddlers. The pram liner, too, is made of short wool. These items now out sell the old styles owing to its durability. The wool mats and wool blankets are washable and are exported world wide.

The Australian sheepskin products are popular as they are natural products, sanitized for hygienic purposes and promote sleep and body relaxation. All the products are processed under the latest technology. This indicates that all sheepskin products are washable, long lasting and hard wearing. They may be available in a dyed color finish or in a natural un-dyed finish. Colors may vary depending on the dye batch. The wide range of products suits all age groups ranging from new born toddlers to the disabled and aged persons.

Currently, the most popular sheepskin items are the medical products, short boots, floor mats, blankets and the high temperature resistant under lays. These individual products have received highly favorable ratings from their satisfied customers.

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