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Mobility with a disability made possible with the hospital at your home!

There is nothing worse than being unable to move about freely for months on end, especially for somebody addicted to sports. When my friend was unfortunately injured during his motor car racing accident, fracturing both his legs and his backbone, he could only stay at home with the least possible physical movement. He was almost a person paralyzed with a disability.

Since it was mandatory for us to leave for work every morning, he was left alone at home for the entire day. The only person who he managed to have for company was this depressing nurse. She would come, serve him and then leave. The days were a drag and he complained that he was ‘beginning to forget what the rest of the house looked like’! The situation was sad, and we all felt sorry for him. But how could he be helped? The only way to recover after the operation was to restrict body movement, especially the movement of his legs, since they were badly affected in the accident.

However, it was only after two weeks of staying bed ridden when he had had enough. He could not take it anymore. Although he didn’t have any other option except for staying on the bed for another six months as prescribed by the doctor, the mental trauma was already reaching its peak!  The worst case scenario was whenever he needed the nurse to help him in the bathroom and the toilet. He was losing his head, and it was only the very beginning of the six months of hardship.

Finally we decided that there ought to be a way out. If he had to go on for as long as six months this way, he would definitely start suffering from depression. And who wouldn’t? Six months is a long time to have to stay in bed in the same old position, and having to depend on somebody else for something as basic as the bathroom and toilet. So we started searching the internet to find out if there was any way to save his sanity!

Finally one of us came across this thing called a manual wheelchair. It promised to help him move about easily around the house, however, the problem was that it needed human muscle power to move around, and our friend was quite weak following the surgery. The nurse suggested that we could opt for an electric wheelchair, but the prices were high. Eventually we managed to get a power chair that could be wheeled around with the use of electricity, at an affordable rental price and representing great value for money. Gradually we learnt about the wheelchair accessories that could be used to help solve my friend’s bathroom and toilet troubles to a great extent.

Though I would not say that the wheelchair was easy to use during the early phases of recovery, my friend was definitely feeling a lot more liberated and mobile than he had felt in the last few weeks. Also, as his health improved, so did his mobility on the wheelchair. He soon got accustomed to using the remote control, and his trauma subsided! It was amazing how the electric wheelchair could provide mobility aid to somebody who could hardly turn his body from left to right even while sitting upright on it.

The patient handling features were nothing less than excellent. A perfect grip enabled swift movement almost everywhere. The battery had a long life and we could take care of that for him, the rest of the wheelchair control and operation was up to him.

When he could finally walk around a bit, we hired from the same place walking aids in the form of walkers. He used them for another month after he progressed from the ‘electric wheelchair’ phase. These walking aids were very well designed to give strong stability. It hardly took him any time to get accustomed to them, and he was walking around with great ease and comfort. Not a single slip, not a single jerk in the entire three weeks of use! He was using the walkers for the first time in his life, but it felt like he had been on them since his childhood!

The best thing was that in spite of his very high medical and hospital bills, the hiring charges didn’t hurt his pocket. The prices were very reasonable, and the products were excellent. We were also assured that if we had any problems with the equipment we would get immediate assistance as part of their service. However, this need never arose.

To know more about this great concept, check this link This is the great place where we found a solution to all our, and not forgetting our friend’s, problems. You can find out all you want to know about their products, and also get in direct contact with their friendly staff – who can guide you through understanding the products available and also help you make the best product choice. Here you have all kinds of options to choose from starting from Bariatric Equipment to access ramp, to trolley to pressure care, to scooters to recliner.

These can be availed for serving the purpose of nursing home / hospital equipments at home and the best part is that they allow Homecare medical equipment hire / rental and sale, as per your requirements. Regardless of whether the person at your home is a person with a minor physical disability or is someone who is permanently disabled, life can be made a lot more enjoyable!

It is amazing how little things become great things when a person is in trouble and more so when he is afflicted with any kind of disease or medical problem. It is very difficult and traumatic for a once healthy person to be confined to a life of limited or zero mobility. It can drive him to a host of mental and emotional problems, thus creating additional new problems. Take care of these little/big things and see them speed up their recovery!

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