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The website has a wide range of home care medical equipment for hire / rental and sale. As an Australian and medical practitioner owned company, Hospital at Home can supply, deliver and service your home care medical equipment. You can choose to buy, rent or ‘rent to own’.

The range has been selected to suit the needs of those with mobility restrictions, including the elderly and the disabled, assisting them to enjoy life to the fullest. For some, a good pressure care relieving mattress overlay will improve quality of sleep, whereas crutches may be needed temporarily for the mobility of those injured and walking aids may provide more permanent mobility for the elderly. The website  provides the latest technologically advanced nursing home / hospital equipment to suit  most individual’s medical equipment needs.

Hospital at Home delivers the medical equipment directly to the customer’s door to enable them to remain independent in the comfort of their own home.  Their delivery service ensures that hospital style electric beds, – other patient handling equipment and scooters are installed promptly. Hospital at Home can also arrange for house modifications to improve ease of access, for example, the installation of access ramps  and they can also deliver walking aids such as  frames, for trial purposes. You should ask their customer service representative about a free in-home demonstration with each installation.

The Bariatric equipment range includes beds, commodes, shower chairs and stools, day and recline lift chairs, lifters, walkers and wheelchairs. The Bariatric bed range includes ergonomic designs for safer working conditions, side rails for greater patient safety and  power remote controls for easy patient posture and comfort adjustments. Pressure care mattresses can be supplied if required. The Bari-med electric bed enables easier patient handling with  X-ray translucent panels and cassette holders that allow X-rays of the patient’s upper body to be easily taken without moving them.

The manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair are vital medical equipment for some disabilities. The popular Breezy ultra4 lightweight wheelchair is lightweight with swing back arms, swing away removable leg rests and quick release wheels. . The website featured  electric wheelchair is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight and it is accompanied with essential travelling features for easy disassembly such as a foldable frame and backrest and detachable footrests. This power chair can also be moved manually. Wheel chair accessories include a variety of ramps, such as telescopic, bi-fold and roll-up, enabling easy and safe mounting of stairs for the disabled.

The mobility aid range is extensive and includes walking frames, walkers, walking sticks, crutches and ramps. Many walking aids are constructed of lightweight aluminum, height adjustable for ease of use and are usually powder coated for durability. The swivel front wheels with rear rubber tips on the Ezywalker walking frame facilitate  a smoother turning action in household areas.

The seat walkers come with a padded seat for rest stops. The patient swivel seat rotates to help the user transfer themselves into a car, wheelchair or other household seating and rotates 360 degrees smoothly.

The mobility scooter delivers powerful outdoor performance with sleek styling, combined with innovative features making it a most sought after mobility aid. They provide the rider with incredible freedom, comfort and stability at an affordable price. Many come with a high back reclining seat which is adjustable for greater comfort. Dynamic suspension provides a smooth ride even on rough terrain while the rugged 4 wheel platform delivers increased stability .

The standard 3 or 4 wheeled scooters are perfect for those needing mobility with added stability. These provide great maneuverability and come in various sizes and styles. Most fold for transport or storage and have adjustable handle heights to accommodate tall or short people.

A wide range of products including specialised bed frames and sophisticated pressure care mattresses and other such alternating pressure devices are supplied throughout Australia.

The pressure care range  includes mattresses with convoluted foam overlay. These provide good pressure relief and are manufactured from high density fire retardant foam that is available in 60mm thickness for all bed sizes. Waterproof, vapour permeable covers are also available.

The 2 cell-cycle pressure care mattresses are specially designed for patients who are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers (bed sores). The application of alternating high and low pressure helps ensure that body blood flow at the vulnerable pressure points is maintained thereby providing protection from pressure damage. These mattresses are recommended for patients who need to spend lengthy periods of time in bed.

The 3 cell-cycle alternating pressure air mattresses and dynamic cushions are also suitable for patients at high risk of developing pressure area damage and for stimulating healing in those with existing pressure ulcers. This product is capable of achieving zero pressure and is recognised as a most effective support surface for the mobility restricted for example, people with a disability.

Patients are often moved between wards and theatre on a patient trolley. Transportation of the patient is facilitated by this equipment for easier manoeuvrability, additional safety and stability.

The electric recliner chair provides great comfort and support and is available in a variety of styles. Most chairs are available upholstered in either fabric or vinyl. Optional extras on the Mudgee electric recliner lift chair include a twin motor and head and arm rest covers. The Aspen electric recliner chair is ideally suited to a larger man and includes a full chaise.

The website is a division of Eniax Pty Ltd trading as Hospital at Home, which is an Australian owned company. Hospital at Home provides equipment for sale or rental to help people live independently in the comfort of their own home. The company also supplies nursing home and hospital equipment for sale or rental.

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