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Bamboo Flooring: An Eco Friendly Hardwood Alternative

Warm and comfortable flooring is the desire of every homeowner. While hardwood remains the dream of most people, the fact that it has become very expensive has made people go for other flooring options. A new and very attractive type of flooring that has emerged as an eco friendly alternative to hardwood flooring is bamboo flooring. Bamboo is not wood, but shares many features with wood. It is a fast growing plant that looks similar to hardwood after compression. It is available in many patterns and colors that can be used as a cheaper alternative to hardwood flooring.

The most eco friendly flooring option

Bamboo is an amazing plant that grows very quickly. It grows upwards and it grows into new plants, as it shoots up on its own, if cut at the top. A bamboo tree can grow up to a height of hundred feet with the diameter increasing up to 2 meters. Moso bamboo is a type of bamboo that is widely used in flooring and in making plywood. This is a plant that can grow almost 4 feet in 24 hours. So you can use bamboo flooring freely, without any guilt of harming the environment that may be the case with hardwood. You can go for the natural color of bamboo, which is light yellow or cream, or you can opt for carbonized bamboo, which is bamboo that is treated with heat to darken its color. Carbonized bamboo is available in several shades to suit the requirements of the homeowners.

Bamboo Flooring at Powerfloors

As described above, bamboo is available in rectangular pieces and they have to be joined or pressed together to make bamboo flooring. The manner in which bamboo pieces are joined together dictates the pattern that you will find or observe in the flooring. You can have vertical bamboo flooring though as well as horizontal bamboo flooring for your home, as you desire. Bamboo has to be smoothened and made shiny, before it can be used for the flooring.

A lot of adhesive is used in making bamboo floor. Bamboo is imported from Asian countries like China and India. If chemicals are used during the manufacturing process of the bamboo, then it poses a potential threat to the health of your family members. In all other respects, bamboo flooring is a wonderful flooring option. It is a kind of flooring that takes you close to nature and gives you the same warmth and feel of the hardwood flooring.

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