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What can I spray on my aluminum shutters Sydney?

Aluminum shutters are largely considered as being the perfect, most durable alternative to aluminum shutterswooden shutters, and even blinds Sydney. If there isn’t a coat of paint on them, they tend to look just like wood. However, the good thing about these is that they never split or rot. Using the spray method is the perfect means to get even paint coverage over akuminum shutters. However, you are going to need to the paints and tools for the said purpose.

.i. Water

It is best to spray water on your shutters before painting them, as it will make sure that they are clean. The best thing to do is to spray your aluminum shutters Sydney once before removing them, and hose them after removing.

ii. Latex House Paint

Conventional paint spray systems work best over aluminium shutters. These add to its durability, and can easily stick to its surface. It will also stick to old layers of paint. However, sand your aluminium shutters prior to applying new latex paint on to it.

iii. Flat Finish Paint

A flat finish paint is best for aluminum shutters and blinds Sydney. This basically helps maintain their look in the long term. If you apply glossy paints, it will show dents and seams. But on the other hand, flat finish paints will reduce visibility of minor imperfections.

iv. Sealant

If you paint your aluminum shutters Sydney, they are bound to fade and chip. However, this can be prevented by spraying on a layer of sealant on them after the paint has dried.

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