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The different types of marquees you can acquire through a marquee hire Sydney firm

Marquees are the perfect means of keeping your party guests safe against natural elementsmarquee like rain, or even sunshine when the sun is right above their heads. There are many different types of marquees that you can acquire from a marquee hire Sydney firm. Your chosen party hire Sydney company is going to provide you with details about all of them, but here’s a brief introduction to them:

Traditional Pole Marquees

Traditional pole marquees are amidst the most famous styles available these days, and you may use them for a variety of events and occasions. The best part about this marquee hire Sydney option is that these are easily portable, and are perfect in terms of transportation. Most interestingly, they offer maximum coverage at an easily affordable price. Available in relatively large sizes, these are extremely easy to put up as well. However, its main drawback is the pole that is to be placed right in the center.

Frame Marquees

A major reason why these marquees available at all party hire Sydney companies are so famous is because there is no need for a pole to be placed in the center. The marquee is basically supported through a frame that is put in place with specialized hardware. These can easily be set up in smaller areas, but the drawback to them is that they cannot be easily transported.

High Peak Marquees

These are typically meant to be used for events that are expected to last a while, or events that are required added wind and weather protection. These marquee hire Sydney options are a particularly good option for wedding receptions.

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