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Use frozen fruits to prepare a slushie with your slushie machine hire

cocktail machineSlushies are typically prepared using crushed ice, but to spruce things up a bit, you can even use your slushie machine hire to prepare slushies with frozen fruit – a totally refreshing, and healthy snack that you and all those around you are sure to enjoy! Most importantly, you can easily adjust the ingredients you wish to use to match your taste and dietary restrictions. Given below is a delicious recipe that will yield nearly four servings of frozen fruit based slushies:

1. Take 3 cups of frozen fruit and place them in the blender. The best fruits for slushies include pineapples, berries and melons. If you happen to go to the grocery store, keep an eye out for bagged fruit blends in the frozen foods aisle.

2. Now, the next steps involved adding in 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and a cup of milk, plain yogurt or soy milk to the frozen fruit. The best results can be acquired by using a non-fat version.

3. Add sweetener to the mixture together with 1-3 tablespoons of granulated sugar, honey or agave. However, you may also choose to add an equivalent amount of artificial sweetener with 8-10 ice cubes to the blender – stir them well.

4. Keep blending the mixture for about 3 minutes, or till the moment that the drink reaches the consistency you desire. Once done, pour in a chilled glass – enjoy!

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