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How to excel at HSC Economics topic 4

The ability for students to achieve their best, can be considered to form down to pupils comprehensively and thoroughly engaging with all 4 topics of economics. This thorough examination of all 4 topics formulates down to students being able to fully comprehend the subject matter covered. Specifically in topic 4 students will be exploring the economic policies and also the management of them.

The ability for students to engage with content from each topic is an essential part of the subject as each of the specific topics are equally examined. Although it must be considered that topic four traditionally can be seen to be assessed via an essay. This essay is usually one in which relates to a complex and multifaceted understanding on the purpose and aim of policies. Thus, at Master Coaching students would be guided and helped through the essay writing process. Although students may feel competent writers in the essay format, economic essays are formulated in a different way. Thus formulation of a valid economic essay would be taught to students in a nourishing and fully immersive classroom, free of pressure and further full of feedback.

At master coaching students are constantly engaged with specific essay questions. These questions are deconstructed in private tutoring and further students will be asked to develop responses to these key questions.

Once students have accurately assessed the question for what it is asking they will then be able to produce their own response to this question. Thus, students are able to provide a method for which feedback can accurately be provided. This feedback takes place through a non-intrusive and rather anecdotal conversation upon what work the students have produced.

This feedback takes place through both written and oral forms. Both formulate to expose to the student how they can best go about fixing their own work, especially in relation to content knowledge. This process will also allow for students to identify any key learning areas that they feel as though they lack knowledge on and thus at tutoring due to the private and personalised nature of the sessions will be able to focus on this specific area. This personalised approach allows for students to use the time in which they have at tutoring sessions to the full extent. Furthermore, topic 4 requires students to maintain a basic level of understanding that is essential to comprehending the topic. This basic level of understanding can be reformulated for students in the consistent and private tutoring sessions, thus ensuring that students have not fallen or missed any content knowledge in which is essential for their studies.

In turn students need to ensure that their approach to economics is one of a balanced nature. This balancing take a place through students having a comprehensive and sound knowledge of all content at hand. This balancing of content can form from tutoring due to the privatised and targeted approach of tutoring at Master Coaching. Thus, those students who attend tutoring at Master Coaching will find that there overall confidence and content knowledge will rise due to the essential learning of various aspects of the subject.

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