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I love Greek food, but how do I find a genuine Greek restaurant Sydney?

There are countless Greek restaurants all through Sydney, and a number of pizzerias, cafes loukoumadesand diners as well. However, there is no guarantee at all that all of them serve authentic Greek food. So what is it that you need to do to find a great, authentic Greek restaurant Sydney? Yes, just about any Greek restaurant out there will serve baklava, souvlaki and spanakopita, but do you really think it is authentic? If truth be told, if you take a look at the Greek restaurant supply network, you will be assured that it is not authentic at all. Interestingly, the filo dough is rarely ever made on site, the baklava is typically prepared elsewhere, the feta cheese may not be from Greece, and they may even use cheap quality olive oil!

Here’s what you need to do to make sure that you get to eat and serve REAL Greek food before booking a private function room Sydney at a Greek restaurant:

ü  The meat being served is actually sourced from a genuine Greek butcher!

ü  The Greek restaurant Sydney has its cheese imported from Greece. If not that, it should at least be prepared at a dairy that is owned by Greek people who hold a specialty in preparing Greek cheese

ü  The olive oil that they use is truly genuine

ü  Their spanakopita is prepared with filo dough that is layered from scratch – not one that was just taken out of the box!

ü  They have an extensive menu – remember, Greece has a number of island and the variety of food available from them is rather extensive. From kalamari that is harvested from the sea, to lamb that has grown in the mountains, an authentic Greek restaurant Sydney should serve it all. This typically holds true for Greek taverna.

For the best, most authentic Greek food served around Sydney, come to Thaleia Greek Taverna! 

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