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Fun Party Themes That Will Complement Your Slushie Machine Hire

If you are always looking for interesting new ways of spicing up your next party, Cocktail Warehouse can help! A great theme can definitely make a huge different and make your party standout. Another important thing to consider for your next party, particularly for those outdoor parties is slushie machine hire. Frozen drinks will make a perfect accompaniment to the party themes listed below:

Deserted beach theme

There is a lot you can do with this theme. You can set up tiki torches, place crates around the area that wash up on the coast and cover them with netting to add that extra flair. You can also go all the way out and add beach sand and palm fronds. Make daiquiris and pina coladas with a slushy machine hire for such a theme.

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Hawaiian luau

Another great theme is Hawaiian luau. You can set up a few torches and add accents such as palm fronds, coconuts and grass skirts. Find a few tiki god dolls and place them around the party area. The frozen drinks that will be perfect for such a theme with slushie machine hire are Mai Tais, daiquiris and pina coladas.

Mexican fiesta

If you have ever visited Cabo or Cancun you would know how fun this theme can be. String lights from your roof, get a few colorful decorations, Mexican art work and sombreros to get the party going. Consider a slushy machine hire for serving frozen margaritas and organize a hat dance for a memorable party.

Frozen drinks can turn any ordinary party into a memorable one and with slushie machine hire, you will have endless options as long as you are creative and are willing to experiment. Visit Cocktail Warehouse to get some inspiration and to start planning your next tropical themed party!

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