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How to make your very own toilet seat covers?

Yes, that is right! You can make your very own toilet seat covers at home – that too all by toiletyourself! the best part is that making these is extremely easy, and it gives you the ability to express your individuality. So from now on, you can easily create your own toilet seat covers for every holiday season. Here’s how you need to go about it:

Step # 1:
Before anything else, you need to remove your toilet cover from its hinges.

Step # 2:
The next step requires for you to place the toilet seat on the reverse side of the fabric. Now, take a pencil and trace the outline of the toilet seat. Make sure that you do not place it directly over the corners or the edges of the fabric. This is because you are going to need to have a 2-inch buffer on the outsides of the lines.

Step # 3:
Now, take a scissor and cut out the form that you have traced. While doing so, make sure that you leave aside a 2-inch perimeter around the entire form.

Step # 4:
The next thing that you need to do is that of trimming a length of elastic that has the same circumference as that of the toilet seat. Begin at the curved edge, and bring it to an end at the curved edge. Be careful that you do not include the straight edge from where the hinge is going to pass.

Step # 5:
Now sew on the elastic to the edge of the fabric. This can easily be done by following on the curved line. Here, you must not attach any elastic to the straight edge – keep this in mind!

Step # 6:
Take the rough straight edge of the fabric and hem it so that it may have a cleaner finished look.

Step # 7:
Place the toilet seat back on to its hinges. You are now all set to place the new toilet seat covers over it.

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